Crooked Eclipses is a semi-monthly blog featuring writings by Steve Matuszak.  The subjects will vary but all will be shielded from the heated rhetoric and bleached out illumination that passes for critical discourse in the mainstream media, in hopes of discovering something hidden, something nocturnal just waiting for darkness to waken it.  Points of entry, lines of thought, turns of phrase, hopefully will turn up something unexpected and oblique without succumbing to inscrutability.

Steve Matuszak’s writings have appeared in Rain Taxi, Theatre Journal, The Cream City Review, and The Minnesota Daily, among other less well-known but no less worthy publications.


3 Responses to About

  1. Interesting how you began in comics and now it looks like you’re focusing on writing. I continue to straddle the two: creating comics and various forms of writing. And I specifically love to blog too. Good to find you here. Will you ever do more comics?

    • chaszak says:

      Thanks for all of your comments. I actually got out of creating comics because I went to graduate school (in English), leaving the comics industry because, after almost seven years of writing and drawing, I had never quite found my drawing voice. Great cartoonists like R. O. Blechmann and Jules Feiffer are able to work with the limitations of their drawing abilities by creating a style that used those limitations to great effect. I never figured out how to do that. However, I have just started writing comics scripts again and hope to get back into things as a comics writer in the next few years.

      • That’s very cool. I would love to immerse myself in graduate school. It would be a great thing. I believe I have a solid foundation to do what I want to do. Well, I do the best I can with what I have. Would be interesting to discuss further. If the occasion should I arise, maybe we could do a podcast interview. Thanks for your response.

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